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GROUP traveling has plenty of benefits, which include making new friends or contacts, enjoying collective banter and sharing the moments and to a degree the costs of the journey.

Equally, such arrangements have their disadvantages. A group of Jo’burg entertainment tourists, attending the Sixties Party in Mpumalanga a few years ago, experienced a not-so-sunny-side of traveling in numbers. Someone, probably an organizer of the tour with some support from a few travelers, had imposed a cut-off-time for all to be in the bus so they could return to the hotel to connect with the pillow and depart at an exact particular hour the following morning. Naturally, nocturnal party creatures did not agree to or were not aware of the pre-set cut-of-time. So, an emotional confrontation ensued. To cut to the chase; following insults, shouting and near punch-ups the bus did leave at an early hour with certain individuals in it swearing to never, ever take a group trip in their lives again.

Swaziland’s MTN Bushfire Festival is on at the end of May and those not to be brushed up the wrong way by group traveling or happen to be blessed with stores of patience, tolerance, sacrifice may be pleased to know there is a group traveling option at their disposal. Friends of punctuality may want to take their chances with Sky World Travel and Tours who promise “on-time departures, efficient service, passenger safety, remote payment options, comfort and convenience.” Sky World’s advertising gives the impression that they bring a-kind-of-air-travel experience to their air-conditioned buses in that they offer reclining seats, drinks and light a meal.

Rush Adventures speeds onto the scene to tempt cultural tourists with a return trip from Jo’burg to Swaziland, accommodation with breakfast, dinner and tickets included. That they suggest you bring or you’ll need a sleeping bag and pillow suggests their accommodation is of the outdoor kind. “Once arriving in Swaziland at the festival camp all you do is take your belongings, check into your tent and hit the festival grounds exploring the arts and music shows,” reads the message.

 Harambee Hotel also steps in to offer an alternative, to Rush Adventures, for those who would rather get to Swaziland through their own mode of transport and still get to sample the camping experience. Their sales pitch is clearly intended at hitting the target with its promise of “a convenient VIP camping experience within a stone’s throw of the festival grounds!” Enthusiasts of quaint scenery may be won by Harambee’s pitch saying it is amongst pecan trees with picturesque views of the mountains of the Mliwane Wildlife Sanctuary and that the hotel offers all the comfort and luxuries within a natural farm setting.

MTN Bushfire 2014 is on from May 30until June 1st 2014 in Swaziland. Performing is Ladysmith Black Mambazo, Floewe, Akale Wube, LA 33,Mokoomba, Qibho and Sands, Red Five Point Star, Under Kontrol, Uhuru, Bholoja, Derek Gripper, Imperial Tiger Orchestra. Dan Patlansky, Bongo Maffin, MuzArt, PelePele Cultural Dance Group,

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Sky World: info@skyworld.co.sz

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