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The latest and third single, “What Would We Be Without Each Other?” from pop group Goodluck begs for positive nods to its groove or even a movement of body limbs to its dancy pop character.

Taken from the group’s twice-SAMA nominated album Creature Of The Night; the song is almost certain to create a good impression with nocturnal party beings.

It does not take long for the tune to encourage humming along -a feature spread in many parts of the track. Lead singer, Juliet Harding, first captures the senses with her soul tinged and strong voice before gently coercing the listener to hold hands with her and joyfully sing along. The chorus is presented in typical pop music fashion – simply and repeated often to lure an audience into joining in on vocalizing the words.

“The way we felt when the song was created and born was one of acknowledgment and gratitude towards the people that have made significant impact on and helped shape our lives. Their sacrifices, of which there are too many to list, are what we think of when we sing “What Would We Be Without Each Other”, says Harding.

Cape Town based Goodluck has just launched the single along with a social campaign encouraging the public to give gratitude to those that have helped them in their lives. It’s quite a necessary campaign considering the general attitude of most, especially the financially or socially powerful. There are those with a tendency to assume, belief or think they need not show gratitude especially to those who are on their payroll or considered to be of lower rank. Take domestic workers, a workforce – listed as among those that ought to be thanked, many of those who employ this group believe the domestics must be thankful for a job in these times of high unemployment. But think about it or rather consider Goodluck’s question What Would You be without a domestic worker or those who make it possible for you to focus on your career, what interests you most or business without worrying about most domestic responsibilities or other stuff you consider to be minor or tedious?

Umuntu ngumuntu ngabantu, sang Brenda Fassie in the ’80; indeed most people are at the top of their game or life because along the way some one or a community gave them a push-up, encouraged them with the right words at the appropriate time; showed them the light; planted a progressive seed in them or simply offered a shoulder to lean on. According to Goodluck, all people of varying status deserve to be thanked including friends, managers, bosses, celebrities, car guards, partner… the list is infinite. American R&B singer India Arie, once sang that it does not cost a thing to smile; equally it cost nothing to show gratitude.

Part of the social campaign to encourage all to show gratitude involves a call to film ourselves giving a person a message, gift or a hug, showing our appreciation. The filmed message can be uploaded to either Twitter (@GoodLuckLive; Facebook (facebook.com/goodlucklive) or the website http://goodlucklive.com/ and hashtag #WhatWoulWeBe to spread the love.


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