About MusikMag

Music is forever present in human life. It’s either in our face or assumes the role of an accompaniment, in a subtle fashion, to what might otherwise be routine in most cases.

The new MusikMag endeavours to mirror the lifestyle and contemporary social happenings that music provides a soundtrack to. Our content strives to project the aspirations of an African determined to soar to great heights. Covered subjects of interest to our readers include music, lifestyle, entertainment, socio-politics and sports personalities. The magazine equips the reader with helpful information that can be used in making informed choices.

Afrika Ekhaya ENT… successfully published ten editions, on a quarterly basis, of the magazine prior to the title’s forthcoming re-launch. MusikMag will now come out alternate monthly while regular updates will be published in the new magazine’s website: musikmagafrika.co.za


MusikMag is for an ambitious and informed African individual seeking to maintain the good quality of life that they are already enjoying or aspiring to.

A MusikMag reader is between the ages 25 to 55; falls within the LSM 6 to 9 and is counted among South Africa consumers with the collective annual total buying power of R250-billion.

The MusikMag reader carefully chooses which brands to consume while their choice broadcast their sense of worth and or aspirations.