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LUCK, hard work or a combination of both in addition to catchy pop songs is getting one of South Africa’s pop groups some attention abroad.

 GoodLuck, a Cape Town based electronic band are in their fourth summer season touring of Europe. The group recently performed to an audience of 30 000 in Netherlands’ Solar Festival as part of their current eight week tour of Europe. “The audience was electric – I haven’t seen a crowd lose their minds like that in a while! ” said lead singer Juliet Harding about their exploit at the Solar Festival With about a month to go, the next leg of the outfit’s tour takes them to the United Kingdom, where they are scheduled appear at seven more festival performances in countries including Ireland and Scotland.


The latest single, “What Would We Be Without Each Other?” from the group has been receiving some love form a number of local radio stations including 94.7 Highveld Stereoand that’s thanks its groovy groove. Taken from the group’s twice-SAMA nominated album Creature Of The Night; the song wastes no time in encouraging singing and humming along -a feature spread in many parts of the track. In the tune, Juliet Harding captures the senses with her soul tinged and strong voice before gently coercing the listener to hold hands with her and happily add a layer of their own vocals especially on chorus that is simple and repeated enough to make it easy to grasp it.What Would We Be Without Each Other?” waslaunched along with a social campaign encouraging the public to give gratitude to those that have helped them in their lives. GoodLuck will return to South Africa in September

 MEANWHILE another South African act, Connecting Stars, is reported to have made it to number 30 on the Billboard Adult Contemporary chart with their easy to like and quite enjoyable single Stuck. The news comes just in time before the Durban-based country pop duo set off to play several dates across America where they are signed to the label Morada Music. Lifted from their self-titled debut album Connecting Stars, the single is scheduled for release on August 26th. Stuck’s music video can be viewed on Youtube and on the group’s website http://www.connectingstars.com. The catchy song is about an individual searching for answers while finding it hard to make decisions and making move forward on matters of the heart.

Connecting Stars’ confirmed dates in August are at Rockwood Music Hall in New York on the 16th; a showcase in Nashville on the 19th, performance at Room 5 Lounge, Hollywood on the 21st and another performance at LeStats, San Diego on August 23st. 

Martin and Cheryl Engel make up Connecting Stars. The duo has been in the music business for a while as producers, songwriters and performers. Martin previously toured the States as the bassist for 90’s group Tree63 and has produced several acts in own studio. The group’s first single in South Africa, Pieces, is scheduled for release this month.

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