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A keen follower of the South African creative sector politics might receive and view Puisano Live Music Programme with mixed feelings.

On one hand it is one of the few good initiatives, along with theIshashalazi Theatre Programme, backed-up by the Gauteng Gauteng Department of Sport, Arts, Culture and Recreation. Talent identification and development is significant if a country is to be counted among the best if not the greatest in the world.

On the other hand a roll out of a programme that is in isolation from other external influences and conditions can turn out to be a fruitless exercise. For example once talent has been spotted, developed and go on to reach a particular professional level such talent will need spaces and platforms to spread its wings. It is common knowledge that live performance venues are not as many as desired in South Africa while success or survival is enjoyed by a few. Also there exist no government incentive, of sort, for existing venues. What makes matters worse is that most of the talent, particularly in music, find it extremely hard to have their work exposed to the public owing to quotas that favour foreign music on radio and television.

Identifying these obstacles is not meant to discourage up and coming bands from participating in initiatives like Puisano, but is intended at pointing out, especially to government, that more could be achieved by allowing greater freedom for South African artistic talent to manoeuvre within the country.

Puisano Live music programme is open to unsigned and up-coming bands in Gauteng. The Gauteng Department of Sport, Arts, Culture and Recreation promise to have the selected bands participate in a range of live performance showcases at venues across the province.

Groups wishing to participate should consist of no less than four members who have to be between the ages of 18 and 35; they must be out of school; be based in Gauteng and should not have previously participated in Puisano in the past three years as individuals or band members.

Audition will be held during the moth of June starting on the 8th at Museum Africa in Newtown; the next date is the 14th at IEC Hall, Randfontein; then on the 15th at Sharpville Community Hall; also on the 21st at Germiston City Hall, Germiston and on the 22nd at Museum Park, Pretoria. All auditions start at 9am and run until 4pm.

More information can be obtained by phoning 011 355 2570 or visit www.sacr.gpg.gov.za








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